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One of the benefits of being born to parents who dared an interstate marriage (am talking about India of the 70's) was being able to widen a regional taste bud to accept, experiment and, relish eclectic cuisines :-)

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tangy mango dip (Maanga vella pachadi )

Maanga vella pachadi aka tangy mango dip in jaggery was introduced to my palate by mom's aunt, Valli paati. Ease of making,versatality, high nutrition count, and taste make this dip a frequent fixture in my kitchen. Out here in Muscat, even the mangoes that bear labels like, 'produce of india', `alphonso' and so on are no guarantee that the fruit is anywhere as luscious as the ones we get in India. But, vella pachadi comes out fine even when fruit by itself is a let down. But this time I struck gold in my neighbourhood mart. Found a Kenyan mango variety that surprise...surprise...not only looked luscious but also bore a close resemblance in taste to the wonderfully succulent Salem Gundu (a type of mango variety from Salem district in Tamil Nadu).

Mangoes are high in dietary fibre, B vitamins, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. Jaggery is held high by Ayurvedic medicine and is attributed several nutritive and protective properties. High in folic acid and iron, jaggery is great for pregnant women. Just a teaspoon can contribute a lot in fighting anaemia (don't gorge on sugars of any kind!).

Ripe mango - about 200 gms ( 2 cups )
Jaggery (vellam/Indian unrefined brown sugar) - 50 gms
Red chilli powder - 10 gms
Salt to taste
Water - 2 cups
Mustard seeds - 1 teaspoon
Oil - 2 teaspoons

Peel and cube the mangoes. Heat the oil in a skillet and crackle the mustard seeds. Add a cup of water and the mango pieces along with the chilli powder. Simmer cook with the lid on till the mangoes and are soft and mushy. Add another cup of water and add the jaggery in. Keep simmering till the jaggery melts in completely and the mixture thickens to dip like consistency. Stir frequently to avoid burning. Add salt to taste. Cool and store in an airtight container. The pachadi stays great for upto a month.
Vella pachadi tastes good as an accompaniment to curd rice, dosas, idlis and rotis.
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sowmya said...

wow can imagine he tangy taste..i think we calee this mangai thokku in tamil..

Dershana said...

we've always known this dish as vella pachadi (in tamil), sowmya. in our family, mango thokku is used to refer to a more spicy, pickle like dish made out of grated raw mangoes. thokku is not jaggery based.

rekhas kitchen said...

wow wow so so mouthwatering Dershana love to have this chutney with hot parathas mmmmmm

meeso said...

That dip looks mouthwatering!

Ramya's Mane Adige said...

wow!!!! making a dip w/ ripe mangoes is such a wonderful idea! Looks yummy... Thanx for the wonderful entry :)

Usha said...

I love this pachadi, it looks perfect :-)

Uj said...

yum.. looks delicious.. and if it has jaggery then its bonus.. Love jaggery based dishes :)

Adlak's tiny world said...

Hm I love the tangy and sweety taste of the pachadi.. its my favo. yrs is perfect in color as well as must be tasty too.

Jaishree said...

Wooooo This is my fav pacvhadi dershana so so mouthwatering.... love it:)

DEESHA said...

wow this is quite new to me. yumm

Vibaas said...

this is my favorite dershana. i have it in my archive too. Yours look lipsmacking yummy.

Vij said...

Wow! lovely dip. Looks so tempting dershana!

Dibs said...

Hi Dershana - Thanks for dropping by. Love this pachadi - its been ages since I had this!

Cham said...

We call it pachadi too... We use white sugar also and the color will be little different. My favo is to have with biryani

Sunshinemom said...

I think I missed this in the mail but now that I have come here I will definitely include it! You found Mangoes so early? Great - I am longing for the season to invade our senses!! Thank you for the delicious recipe, Dershana!

Vrinda said...

Mouthwatering mango dip...this is new to me ,should give a try..

n33ma said...

wow this looks great and is so simple.....nice blog.

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